Gardens for museums, schools, residential care, hotels

Gardens for museums, schools, care homes and hotels are aligned with the style and context of each building. Historical elements are carefully translated and blended into a contemporary garden concept. Each garden forms a green meeting place in which indoor and outdoor spaces merge with each other.

We think it is important for the spirit of a space to speak for itself. With respect for nature and respect for the attributes of the domain. We believe that is the key to an enriching experience. Even the richest and most profuse designs are never pretentious or ostentatious, but always enchanting. Besides, a garden is alive and growing. The whole only comes into its own completely once the trees and shrubs are fully grown.

End user as the starting point

The end user’s experience and accessibility is always central to our designs. Whether it concerns a vibrant university campus or an intimate sculpture garden, the gardens are always designed with the target group in mind. They are places to meet and unwind. In addition, the green environment promotes a feeling of security and familiarity. Besides, we coordinate the vegetation so there is something to see every season. This garden experience and the perception of the seasons also contributes to the certitude and recognition of residents and/or visitors.

Strong, recognisable composition

We fuse design & functionality into a strong, recognisable composition in which the interior and exterior spaces merge with each other seamlessly. For museums, schools and care homes, the garden concept is restrained, but rich in dynamism. Hedgerows, clusters of trees, and open spaces characterise these gardens. Conversely, hotel gardens have a more intense structure, in which defined spaces are created so hotel guests have a pleasant stay.

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