University of Antwerp – Wilrijk Campus

Wilrijk (BE)

University of Antwerp – Wilrijk Campus

Wilrijk (BE)

year of implementation

1970 – 1980


Musea – Scholen – Woonzorgcentra – Hotels

surface area

668000 m2

The Wilrijk campus was designed and built between 1970 and 1980. Our landscape architects designed a park that wrapped around the buildings. It separated the parking places outside the heart of the campus in a curving, naturally integrated manner and used the idea of a moat as an obstacle that would need to be taken to get to the campus.

The large-scale use of flowering shrubs and trees gave the park a very lively look the first half of the year. Large clusters, benches, a multi-level sunken grass landscape and the use of water create a strong, new identity that is taken up in the surrounding pastures.

Even the busy University Hospital was absorbed by the nature, with cars and pedestrians redirected between hedges and on curved roads and paths.