Private Garden Ghent

Ghent (BE)

Private Garden Ghent

Ghent (BE)

year of implementation

2007 – 2012


Private gardens

surface area

5150 m2

This private house near Ghent was designed by David Chipperfield. The concept was to create a single-storey building that maximizes the potential for interaction between the garden and the house while fitting into the existing landscape. The plot stretches between a forested hill with tall pine and oak trees to the west, and a residential neighborhood to the east.

A collection of high Ilex (Holly) gestures along the property line, a natural swimming pond, a collection of Japanese cherries, maples and Magnolia’s bring the house in balance with its surroundings and create total privacy for the clients.

By creating multiple terraces within the garden, including an east-facing breakfast terrace with a kitchen garden, and a dining terrace on the south side the clients can fully enjoy their garden. Furthermore the strong rectilinear architecture of the house in combination with a more natural structure of the garden creates a well-balanced composition.