Private Garden Antwerp

Antwerp (BE)

Private Garden Antwerp

Antwerp (BE)

year of implementation

1999 – 2000


Private gardens

surface area

1675 m2

This private house in cottage style is located in Antwerp. The front garden to the entrance of the house is very structured, with two brick paver paths leading to the front door.

The front garden is a big contrast with the open and poetic main garden. A berm of clipped beech is positioned between existing trees and brings depth to the garden. The shape of the clipped beech gives light and structure during winter. Under the existing trees we have chosen to plant large groups of greater wood rush to create a dense and beautiful green carpet which actually thrives in the shade.

The balcony columns are overgrown with Boston Ivy, a climber which has spectacular shades of wine-red and deep purple in autumn. The variety of colorful fall foliage within the garden fits perfectly with the poetic theme.