Garden design

From our head office in Belgium, the attraction of Wirtz International has spread across Europe, Asia and the United States. What’s our competitive advantage? Respect for the existing situation, climate zones and plant habitats, the excellent design, the constant focus on well-balanced sustainability, attention for details and supervision from the beginning to the completion of every project. With this, Wirtz International has outshone the efforts of its competitors and continues to arouse intense interest in its work.

Thanks to years of collaboration with their sister construction company, Wirtz Tuinarchitectuur, the design studio Wirtz International has acquired valuable field experience with typical complexities and challenges. This translates into exclusive designs, with high standards of finish that are greatly appreciated by our clientele.

Furthermore, this close collaboration results in a rather down-to-earth attitude and focus on reality during the design process. A deep-rooted passion for unexpected plant selections is a constant, present in all projects.


Our design process

Each landscape design made by Wirtz is unique, but the design process itself follows a well-defined path to ensure our quality standards. During the schematic design process, we talk with our client to determine the project requirements and the clients wishes. We will then start with rough study drawings which will illustrate the concept of our design.

Once the schematic design has been finalized, and the client has approved the design, there are still numerous details which have to be worked out. During the Design Development phase we can start refining and translating the schematic design into AutoCAD. Decisions about materials and suitable plant species are made within this phase of the design process.

These two phases are the ones which require the most feedback from and communication with our clients. Once our design proposal has been approved and finalized, and we have concluded that it fits with the agreed budget, we turn a little more inward and get down to the work of preparing the detailed construction drawings for the contractors to use in bringing our designs to reality.