Garden construction

Wirtz International Landscape Architects is focused on garden construction in the Benelux region. In the field, our talented gardeners learn how to transform a garden into a genuine Wirtz masterpiece. Thanks to our years of experience and good standing with professional and high-value material suppliers and growers, Wirtz has been able to acquire fame with a high standard of building.

Exact and unexpected plant selection and precise detailing are the trademarks of Wirtz International. By combining our feel for the existing situation with a firm background in classic landscape architecture and a modern taste, we enrich our contemporary designs with a refreshing touch. This effect comes across as peaceful, recognizable and avant-garde, all at once.

We look closely at the construction drawings and details: we use the full potential of every plant to design exclusive outdoor spaces. Resulting in unique gardens with elements that will most definitely leave an impression on you.

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Construction process & maintenance

Construction process

During the construction phase the experienced gardeners of Wirtz International will use their broad knowledge for the construction of all the individual garden elements.

Project management will continue to oversee the project during the construction phase to make sure that the detailed construction drawings by Wirtz International are interpreted properly and that construction is finished in an appropriate manner. We aim to guarantee that there is the minimum amount of disruption.

All work is carried out with high standards and we will continue to consult with the client on all aspects of the design, construction & on-going maintenance. A final inspection with the client will be undertaken to ensure complete satisfaction.


Wirtz Landscape Architects also takes care of the maintenance of our garden projects in the Benelux region. As a garden matures, especially during the first few years, regular maintenance is recommended. This to ensure that plants stay strong and healthy so our clients may enjoy them for many seasons to come.

An iconic and returning aspect in our projects is the unconventional and sculptural use of clipped trees and hedges. These require pruning on planting, plus maintenance trimming to get the anticipated result. It can take numerous years before the desired size and result has been achieved. The gardeners of Wirtz Tuinarchitectuur are experienced and qualified when it comes to pruning trees and hedging and will make sure the end result is up to our standards.