Private gardens

Private gardens offer calm in a hectic world. We do that with powerful movements, sculptural lines, big groups of plants, and the repetition of sustainable elements and materials. They are full of characteristic trees and shrubs and are overwhelmingly green.

Hedgerows, (multi-stemmed) trees, bodies of water and big clusters of ornamental grasses give structure and rhythm to the space, align with the architecture of the home, determine sight lines or paths, and create a visual counterpoint with an expansive landscape or dominant building.

In addition, we monitor the finish of details closely and utilise the full potential of each plant to create characterful gardens. That creates a timeless whole that makes optimal use of space, rhythm, and contrasts. A garden for all seasons with plants that are selected for their shape, texture and overall colour.

Garden design for every private garden

We try to arouse your curiosity with our designs and we tailor each garden according to the level of maintenance you want to carry out. We determine the framework together and explain our plans after the design phase. That way, you always know why we make certain choices and we align our vision completely with that of you and your family.

With a custom-designed garden, you experience every season up close and you can enjoy all the beauty your garden has to offer.

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