Private Garden Boechout

Boechout (BE)

Private Garden Boechout

Boechout (BE)

year of implementation

2012 – 2014


City gardens

Private gardens

surface area

515 m²

This private garden is located in Boechout, a municipality in the Belgian province of Antwerp. The natural swimming pond and adjacent terrace have been built using reclaimed clay pavers. The swimming pond is filtered biologically. The Yellow irises  (Iris pseudacorus) are one of the best aquatic plants to remove toxins from the water. They also add a splash of color to the pond in spring when other plants are not yet blooming.

Unity in color and material is a key element in the design of this city garden. Three curving boxwood hedges “embrace” the circular terrace and add structure and depth to the garden. The powerful curving movement is a striking visual element in the garden, during each season.

The border is planted with strong and rich flowering perennials and shrubs. The plant combinations provide a clear coherence and add a warm and welcoming touch of color. To guarantee the privacy of the owners, beech hedges have been planted around the domain. They fence the garden, but keep it looking natural and lush with greenery.