Private garden California

California (US)

Private garden California

California (US)

year of implementation

2007 – 2009


Private gardens

surface area

± 3500 m²

Uniformity and contrast create a sense of peace in this private garden with breath-taking views. The different elements, such as the carport, swimming pool, pergola and the different terraces were linked together and integrated in one general design with striking features.

A well-defined choice of materials and plant species creates unity with a feeling of tranquility. The contrasting textures and warm beige to light grey color of the natural stone paving add interest and blend with the surroundings.

By combining boxwood hedges with mass planting of blue Agapanthuses we created a strong and interesting border around the courtyard and house. After the summer beauty fades, the winter interest of the evergreen strappy leaves kicks in. So even if the Agapanthuses aren’t in bloom, they still look good.

Several flowering trees like Koelreuteria bipinnataLagerstroemeria indica ‘Natchez’ and Vitex agnus-castus are planted between the boxwood hedges. They filter the view towards the house, create dimension, height and add extra color.

A rectangular, minimalistic pond lies on axis with the bay window. The pond ends at a circular Carolina cherry hedge which forms an evergreen backbone. The hedge creates structure, balances the elements and connects the sunken lawn with the terrace and pond. The swimming pool is situated at the existing lower part of the garden, overlooking the golf course and distant forest.