City gardens

City gardens have a green, cohesive and sheltered character. These relatively small and compact gardens, in or close to city centres, are often installed between tall stone walls. They are hidden green oases amidst the hectic urban environment where residents can relax. We therefore make creative use of the available space. Hedges, shrubs and flowering trees guarantee privacy and give these gardens their intimate, sheltered character. The clear cohesion, sweeping movements and well-balanced plant selection create a unique experience in every urban garden!

The urban garden as an extension of your home

A stylishly designed urban garden forms an extension of your home and connects the interior to the exterior. Besides, city gardens greatly increase quality of life in the city, with the comfort and wellbeing of the user being paramount. As such, there is high demand for green oases in the urban environment. Is your city garden in need of an update or a change?

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