Mixed-use development

Greenery plays an important role in project development, inner city development & expansion projects. We believe that communal outside spaces such as roof gardens and courtyard gardens, as well as public and semi-public spaces, should provide added value for (end) users.

Each project is unique and is tackled and approached appropriately. The distinguishing character and the resident & visitor experience in every season are paramount, regardless of how often they visit the garden.

We use a wide range of trees, shrubs, and hedges, which form the backbone of every design. These create frames or windows that give the whole more depth and perspective. We complement the architecture and create a clear coherence and sense of familiarity with the strategic planting of hedges and trees. In addition, trees & hedges connect the smaller human scale to the larger scale of the apartment blocks, bringing greater balance to the whole. These are long-term investments that benefit the whole environment.

Connecting Green & Grey

As a project developer, you want to make smart use of the available space and architecture. In addition, a balance between creativity, location, environment and financial feasibility is essential. The green concept for communal outside spaces forms an important part of this overall picture. We translate the requested programme into a coherent, attractive and marketable design. There is a strong focus on the green experience and sustainability.

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