Rheinblick Residences

Bonn (DE)

Rheinblick Residences

Bonn (DE)

year of implementation

2015 – 2018


Mixed-use development

Roof gardens

surface area

9200 m²

The Rheinblick residences are located in Rüngsdorf, located in the city of Bonn, on the banks of the Rhine in the German state of North Rhine-Westphalia. Along the river Rhine, nature, historic architecture and contemporary architecture form a clear unity and create a ravishing and unique landscape.

Naturalness, exclusivity & elegance formed the central theme in the village-like setting of the Rheinblick Residences. Resulting in a luxurious neighborhood with various types of apartments, houses and lofts, each in the characteristic Belgian country house style. The surrounding park contributes to the exclusive atmosphere and creates a gentle transition between the buildings and the river landscape of the Rhine.

The park-like setting has two distinctive faces but still forms a unity. The park villas are surrounded by lush and full flower beds in a charming English style. The luxurious apartment buildings are positioned in a natural landscape with large groupings of ornamental grasses, extensive lawns and a large collection of flowering trees and shrubs. Rounded Yew and beech hedge massifs form a privacy barrier between the park and the private terraces.

By using decorative accent trees the landscape offers an all-season interest. The collection of trees consists of spring-flowering trees (Magnolia, Prunus, Malus, …) as well as summer-flowering trees (Sophora, Heptacodium, Tetradium, ..) that each add a certain color and a unique character.

Undulating hedge massifs, with integrated fences, mark the boundaries of the plot. Residents and visitors access to the park through one of the three gates. A central raises fountain, surrounded by twelve pleached crap-apples trees (Malus ‘Red Sentinel’) forms the heart of the park, which breathes a calm and peaceful atmosphere.