Private Garden Bruges

Bruges (BE)

Private Garden Bruges

Bruges (BE)

year of implementation

2001 – 2002


City gardens

Private gardens

surface area

500 m2

In the old center of Bruges, the owners bought an old house and fully renovated it. As passionate collectors of modern art, they wanted an evergreen city garden that was an extension of the house, allowing them to show artwork in their garden.

A raised reflecting pond, surrounded by a buxus hedge, the water mirrored in the greenhouse on the right-hand side.

From this rectangular pond, a natural flow of box hedges, which move around existing yew trees, gives the garden more depth. Combined with the rectangular form of the garden, this creates an interesting symbiosis of forms. Thanks to these crooked lines, there was room made in the garden for art to be displayed.

Even under the grey winter sky, the light-green of the hedges and the reflected water of the pond ensure that the garden always shines.