Hufkens Art Gallery

Brussels (BE)

Hufkens Art Gallery

Brussels (BE)

year of implementation

2015 – 2017


Musea – Scholen – Woonzorgcentra – Hotels

surface area

650 m²

Hufkens Art Gallery is one of Europe’s leading galleries for contemporary art located in Brussels, Belgium. The gallery was founded in 1987 by Xavier Hufkens in an un-refurbished warehouse in the neighborhood of South Station (Midi) in Brussels. In 1992, the gallery moved to a 19th-century townhouse in Elsene. The building was renovated by Belgian architects Robbrecht & Daem.

The sculpture garden at the back of the townhouse was redesigned by Wirtz International in 2015. Despite the limited space, the depth of the garden was optimally used in our design proposal. The organic shapes of the hedges, consisting of different varieties of Boxwood, make your forget the rectilinear boundary of the garden.

The four Maidenhair trees (Ginkgo biloba) emphasize the height, add a pleasing sense of tension & perspective and have a beautiful golden fall foliage color.

An extra-tall window enhances the connection between the art gallery and its sculpture garden. The clear link with the garden gives it a broad use and flexibility.

Hufkens Art Galler: