Christian Dior Haute Couture Fashion Show Spring-Summer

Paris (FR)

Christian Dior Haute Couture Fashion Show Spring-Summer

Paris (FR)

year of implementation

January 21st 2013


Musea – Scholen – Woonzorgcentra – Hotels

surface area

Catwalk 2

On request of Christian Dior fashion designer Raf Simons, we designed the catwalk for their Haute Couture Fashion Show Spring – Summer 2013.

It was his wish to have the models stroll through a garden. Opposite to the usual straight catwalk, fluent natural pathways were created. We envisaged an intense garden experience within the enclosed environment of the show’s setting. Hereby not only the surface was used to its maximum but also the height. To achieve this, two ‘ingredients’ were chosen: multi-stem trees that filled the space in height and width and very calm evergreen volumes to guide the models through the garden.

The main idea of this project was to have the models walk between the trees and under the canopies. Like this the models were seen among the sculptured stems. These multi-stem trees arise from stretched islands of boxwood. These islands have a variety of heights so the models partly disappear and reappear again in full glory. The evergreen ‘sculptures’ with their fluent shapes create a strong sense of peace. A light green variety was chosen for the boxwood, left unpruned to stimulate the natural atmosphere of the total scenery.

For the trees multi-stem hazels were chosen. It was quite a challenge to find a tree species that would create a sense of spring in the middle of the winter. The hazel was the perfect choice. The catkins, dangling from the branches, blossomed fully. The light yellow tone together with the light green boxwood movements gave the whole a fairy-like atmosphere.

Because of the sober plant choice, the models with their beautiful cloths were shown to their full advantage. They were like flowers in a garden.