Business gardens

The look of business gardens should match your corporate image. Whether it concerns an exclusive business garden, an intimate patio garden, or an entire campus. It is a way of distinguishing yourself from other companies. The garden is the first thing that clients, visitors & employees see and largely determines their ultimate opinion.

In addition, a business garden contributes to a positive work dynamic and bolsters the enthusiasm of users. Who doesn’t enjoy a walk outdoors in the open air? A professionally designed and well-maintained corporate garden is beneficial to general wellbeing, which contributes to a healthy team.

We incorporate essential & practical elements like parking facilities, bicycle storage and evacuation routes into the finished design seamlessly, without compromising on the unity and strength of the design. We opt for a fluid and uniform interplay of lines with simple structures, stately rows or clusters of trees, immaculately pruned hedges, or sweeping movements with clusters of grasses & shrubs.

Distinctive in style, quality and execution

Our ultimate goal is to achieve the ideal balance between the company’s image, efficiency, and its green framework. That way, we create a flawless composition of hardscape and softscape with a view to a unique, functional & attractive business garden. Do you as a project developer, business owner, or manager want to enjoy your outdoor space to the full?

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