Brussels (BE)


Brussels (BE)

year of implementation



Business gardens

surface area

22100 m2

The firm of L’Hoist is a manufacturer of lime which has its headquarters in a beech forest in muddy hills to the south-east of Brussels. The office, a building of dark grey stone and glass, presents a spectacular curved façade on the crest of a cliff, overlooking wooded slopes with a lake far below.

The design needed to integrate the architecture in the surrounding forest, which showed its naked edges after the liberation of the hill. A compact organic garden design was chosen for this transition area to the edges of the forest, comprised of thick hanging beeches that, just like a tea planation, came to an end at the edges of the hill. Rising above the crest of the hedges from time to time is a free-standing beech.

Under the same philosophy, there was special attention paid to the integration of the roads and parking places, supported with extra volumes of decorative grass.