Espace Jacqmotte

Brussel (BE)

Espace Jacqmotte

Brussel (BE)

year of implementation

1999 – 2000


Business gardens

Roof gardens

surface area

850 m2

The former factory and office building of Belgian coffee brand Jacqmotte, dating back from 1828, was renovated by architect Michel Jaspers in 1991. Located in the Marolles district in the heart of Brussels, it now houses luxury lofts, apartments, offices and retail facilities, a surrounding a quiet inner garden which is accessible for residents and visitors.

The fluid and natural structure of the garden, combined with a well-balanced variety of shrubs and trees, creates a different world. The diagonal gesture of grasses and the water construction with different canopies of trees above the main structure, gives a very intimate setting in which you forget you are in the center of Brussels.