Basel (CH)


Basel (CH)

year of implementation



Business gardens

Roof gardens

surface area

240 m2

In Basel, Switzerland the research and production site of the pharmaceutical company Novartis has been transformed and extended into a new campus.

The offices, of the by David Chipperfield’s designed laboratory building, are located on the top floor. They have been placed around an open courtyard which features the permanent installation Molecular by the late Romanian-born American artist Serge Spitzer.

While building the garden, Wirtz International chose to plant multi-trunk Zelkova trees which are known for their attractive bright green foliage and vase-shaped crown. Their sturdy branches and grey trunk create an interesting dialogue with the recycled glass balls which cover the garden. Furthermore the glass walls around the courtyard create a sense of height and unimpeded openness to the outdoors which strengthens the connection.