MG Toren

Ghent, Belgium

MG Toren

Ghent, Belgium

year of implementation

2008 – 2012


Business gardens

Roof gardens

surface area

16500 m2

The MG tower – also known as the KBC tower catches the eye of everyone approaching Ghent. With its 119 meters it is currently the highest office building in Flanders. The building is firmly anchored in its immediate surroundings.

On top of the underground garage at ground level there is a large roof garden. Because of a limited soil depth and the weight limit on the roof, the Metasequoia trees are positioned above the pillars of the garage. Outdoor picnic tables and benches which have been placed in between provide an sitting and eating area for employees.

The entrance side of the building is characterized by a circular hornbeam hedge which surrounds a grid of Metasequoia trees. The Metasequoia trees have been positioned in raised peat block planters. The peat blocks are covered by Ivy which covers the edges of the planters. Uniform groups of ornamental grasses are planted around the circular hornbeam hedge, creating a natural, waving motion.