Jubilee Park

London (UK)

Jubilee Park

London (UK)

year of implementation



Public space

Roof gardens

surface area

13060 m2

The design of Jubilee Park in Canary Wharf in London brings a small oasis of rest, refreshment and intense nature between the huge buildings that lodge 40,000 office workers.

It was built on two different levels and includes two large entrances to the Underground train network, giant skylights, and diverse ventilation and emergency installations. Despite these technical limitations, the pedestrian comes into an oasis of waving grass, compact woods, redwood trees and the babble of a long, raised and twisting ‘river’ that serves as the spine of the garden.

The park traces its atmosphere and success back to the modest pallet of generously repeated materials: redwood trees that block out the outside world, raised lawns and the use of split limestone blocks.