Bolivarplaats – New Palace of Justice

Antwerp (BE)

Bolivarplaats – New Palace of Justice

Antwerp (BE)

year of implementation

1997 – 2006


Public space

surface area

37500 m2

In 1998, together with our team Richard Rogers/Arup/Van Veldhove ing/Wirtz International, we won the competition for the new courthouse building in Antwerp.

The garden design comprises four rooms between the wings of the building, of the area around the building and the Bolivarplaats in front of, and entry to the court.

The four gardens between the different wings have a flowing structure with hanging beeches (Fagus sylvatica) that open up the landscape themselves.

Different sorts of trees support the architecture of the building and ensure an interesting confrontation between nature and architecture.

The Bolivarplaats itself is a large new public place where people can meet. A screen of 98 lime trees (Platanus acerifolia) offers the building aesthetic support. When exiting the courthouse and standing high up on the steps, there is a roof of leaves to be seen below, underneath which taxis and public transport pass.