New library and daycare center in Antwerp

Competition win for the new library and daycare center in Antwerp (BE)

We are proud to announce, together with the offices of Studio Nauta Architects and Pieter Bedaux, to have won the competition for the new library with daycare center in the Antwerp district of Borgerhout. The urban shape lot directed to Moorkensplein will be completed with a new building and green areas. The architecture will function as a space for the neighbourhood, with a new library and children’s nursery. The new design shows the ability of the architects to highlight the local characteristics of passages and courtyards, creating a new walled garden for the inhabitants.

The entry is characterized by an enclosed courtyard garden accessible during the day to the public by two passages from the street. The new connections and fluidity of the paths through the park gardens, square and the city will make the new project friendly to all residents.

The garden and roof gardens have, beside a playful function, also an environmental role to contribute to the cooling of the city.


Construction is scheduled to start in 2025.