De Stadstuin

Ronse (BE)

De Stadstuin

Ronse (BE)

year of implementation

2011 – 2018


Public space

surface area

110.000 m2

In 2011, the city of Ronse launched a competition to develop a project of an important city extension in combination with a public park. Together with a project developer Wirtz International won this competition.

The name of the project “Stadstuin” means “Garden in the city” and stands for the green heart of the Ronse. The project is situated on a 11 ha site overlooking the city.

Robbrecht & Daem architecture designed the masterplan and Wirtz International designed the public park. The long main access of the park is coming from the city center and ends in an open public theater. The “oval” shaped theater is the “eye catcher” of the park, together with the long brick retaining wall making a cut into the natural slope of the site.

Curving walking paths, together with an interesting collection of trees, give the visitor a pleasant variety of different perspectives. A playground for children, sitting and meeting areas are integrated throughout the park. During spring, summer and autumn, concerts and theater shows and other cultural activities take place at the green theater.