Kortrijk Rose garden

Competition win for the Science Hub in Kortrijk (BE)

We are happy to announce together with Claeys/Haelvoet Architects and Baumschlanger Eberle Architekten, to have won the competition for the science hub in Kortrijk.

The proposed design reflects the castle of ‘t Hooghe in a new specular building with a historical layout, but in a contemporary key. The new building is wood friendly and sensitive to the environmental problems of 2023, hosting new functions and has the abilities to adapt its interiors to functions and new roles. Special visual experiences given by the different architectural heights balance the exterior garden.

The landscape design surrounding the castle connects the historical building with the specular new building, develops big leaves shapes and then slowly leads the design into an organic one. The result of these movements are different green rooms, each with it’s own character.

The structure of the garden follows organic and fluid lines. A fascinating interplay of paths, hedges of varying heights, plants and trees creates a world of its own in this garden room, with different perspectives and a variety of successive green spaces (with lawn, flower meadow, etc).